A new way to participate in LIFE4

LIFE4 Trials are a new way for DDR players to participate in LIFE4 events outside of the core ranking system. We wanted to give players a chance to test their skills and compare their scores without having to complete full folders or grind out a ton of songs. In addition to consistency and stamina, Trials will also test players’ Marvelous Attack (MA) in order to achieve the highest ranks.

Each Trial consists of 4 songs, grouped together by a common theme (title, skillset, etc), which will need to be played together in order in a single set (including extra stage). Trials will vary in difficulty, but the goals required for each will shift, allowing top-tier players to focus on MA on easier Trials to achieve higher rankings, while also letting newer players focus on passing more difficult songs on the more challenging Trials.

Players can earn Trial Ranks by achieving a specific set of requirements for each Trial. The requirements for each Trial Rank are roughly aligned with the same skill goals at each respective level of the core LIFE4 ranking system. A Silver Trial Rank may be earned by simply clearing all of the songs in a Trial, for example, but a Cobalt Trial Rank may require the player to PFC every song, or score under a certain amount of total missing EX. (Some of the more difficult Trials may not include lower-tier Trial Ranks as there may not always be a comparable skill level.)

Are you ready to take on the Trials?


All Trials are sets of 4 songs, and must be played in the designated order and difficulty in one single set. To be eligible for any rank, you must clear each song.


Pictures of every individual song results screen, as well as the overall results screen, are required for every submission. Every submission should have five pictures, and any missing picture will result in the submission being voided.

Trials use a separate submission form than the core ranking system. Please submit your scores here.

Choose Your Trial

Devotion (12)

Heartbreak (12) (Retired)

Believe (12)

Confectionary (12)

Celestial (13)

Gospel (13)

Mainframe (13)

Primal (13) (Retired)

Species (13)

Passport (13)

Storybook (13)

Daybreak (14)

Upheaval (14)

Superstar (14)

Countdown (14) (Retired)

Sidequest (14)

Hellscape (15)

Clockwork (15)

Heatwave (15)

Tempest (15)

Mythos (15)

Pharaoh (15)

Rendition (15)

Wanderlust (15)

Circadia (16)

Snowdrift (16)

Paradox (16)

Spectacle (16)

Inhuman (16)

Chemical (17)

Ascension (17)

Dogfight (18)

Quantum (18)

Origin (18) (Retired)

Hallowed (13) [EVENT COMPLETE]