What songs are required for LIFE4 from this update and forward?
You can find the list of required LIFE4 songs (A3, A20+) (for the comprehensive requirements such as folder lamps or “All 15s above X”) on the Rank Requirements page. We will be updating this list of songs with each official game update, so keep an eye on it! This list is comprehensive, meaning it lists out every 14 through 19 required, and not just the new additions in A3 or A20+.
What about “X” song, why isn’t that song on the required list?
Unfortunately Konami has time-gated a lot of new song unlocks, and they are not available to all players. It is not clear if or when certain event-specific unlocks will be unlocked for all players. For that reason, we do not require them for LIFE4 ranking.
I have a song unlocked that isn’t required, what does this mean?
Technically it means you do not have to play it. However, we strongly recommend earning these requirements optionally on the songs you have unlocked not only for improvement purposes, but to make organization and submissions easier.
Why isn’t this system/rank like ____?
Because this is how we made it, and what we thought would work best and be the most fun!
Can I participate in LIFE4 if I live outside of the US?
Yes! You can participate from anywhere, as long as you can communicate with us enough to use the submission form. We are hoping to eventually have a Japanese translation for the website.
How can I get the “DDR Score Manager A” app?
It’s a mobile app that you can find on both Android and Apple devices. It requires a basic eAmuse subscription in order to pull your scores from your eAmuse account. Though this is a paid method (roughly $3 a month), it is HIGHLY worth it.
Does LIFE4 have a mobile app?
Yes! Android-only, for now. Follow this link to install! iPhone version is currently in production.
Will this system continue if Konami releases a new DDR mix or a ranking system of their own?
We will continue running this system as long as there is interest in it! Depending on when a new mix is released and the specifics behind it, the ranking system may need significant changes.
Will there ever be a Doubles version of LIFE4?
Most likely, yes. However, we are first trying to make the Singles version the best it can be before moving onto expanding into Doubles.
Will LIFE4 ever include Pump it Up or In the Groove?
We currently are not working on LIFE4 for other dancing games, but we won’t rule it out.
I can’t get to the next rank and I’m getting frustrated, what should I do?
Relax! One of the best things about our system is that everyone can progress at their own pace. If you are feeling stuck on a requirement, take some time to remember why you play DDR…for fun! Play your favorite songs, mix it up for a session or two, or take a break!
How can I further connect with LIFE4 or talk to other players or the creators?
Follow us on Twitter @LIFEDDR or join our Discord server.
I love what you are doing with LIFE4, is there any way I can help support you?
Yes, we have a Patreon account set up here and greatly appreciate any support. You will also earn some neat perks for becoming a donor!


Can I be placed into a rank higher than Gold?

Yes, we are now allowing players to be placed into any rank. For specifics on the new Placement System, please see our Placement page.

I submitted my placement set (or first rank submission), how do I see my rank?
Go to the rankings page to view the spreadsheet with all the player rankings. Note: It can take up to two days for submissions to be checked, so please be patient.
What is the easiest way to show number of PFCs or “All __s over ___ score” requirements?
A score tracking app! We highly, highly recommend getting the “DDR Score Manager A” mobile app for Android or iOS, or using the Skill Attack or Sanbai Ice Cream score trackers. The app lets you easily screenshot full difficulty range statistics, including PFC count, and sort by score.
I filled out the submission form. How long does it take for my rank to update?
We usually get to checking submissions within 72 hours, but it can occasionally take a little longer.
Where do I submit my scores for my placement set or a rank-up?
Please submit all scores using the forms found on the submissions page.


If I have earned a score on a higher rank than is mentioned in the requirements, does it count? E.g. PFCing a 13 when the requirement says, “PFC a 12”.
If the difficulty listed doesn’t have a + on the end (ie. 950k+ on a 12+), then you must play a song with the exact difficulty mentioned.
If I’m currently one rank, do I have to complete my current rank before I am able to move onto a higher one?
No, you will move to the highest rank that you earn, even if it means skipping ranks.
Is the placement set required, or can I skip it and submit for earning a full rank?
The placement set is NOT required. It is useful if you don’t know which rank to begin with, or would like to quickly get into the LIFE4 system.
What does it mean to clear a song “with Life 4 enabled”? How can I tell if I’ve done this?
“Life 4” is a mod that can be turned on in the mod menu, which can be accessed by pressing “9” on the song select screen. It changes the normal lifebar to the Extra Stage lifebar, with four segments. You can tell if you’ve cleared a song like this if you have a red lamp next to the song. “Life 4” MUST be turned on to earn a red lamp.
Can a single score or song count towards multiple rank requirements? E.G. “975k+ on a 16” and “Clear a 16 with Life 4 enabled”.
Yes, one score can fulfill multiple requirements.
Does a full combo (e.g. Great full combo, Good full combo, etc) count towards clearing a song with Life 4 enabled?
Yes, any form of full combo will fulfill this requirement.
For the requirements that mention burning a specific number of calories, how do I prove this?
We will accept any reasonable submission, including sports watch data or the in-game calorie counter.
What is a “lamp” in DDR terms? How do I earn one?

A lamp is a DDR UI mechanic that is used to track achievements on songs. You earn lamps based on your score on songs. The types of lamps are as follows.

  • Purple Lamp – Assist clear lamp, meaning you cleared the song using a mod like “CUT” or “JUMPS OFF”.
  • Clear Lamp – Earned when you clear a song via normal methods.
  • Red Lamp – Earned when you clear a song with “Life 4” enabled, where 4 or more misses will fail you.
  • Blue Lamp – Earned when you “Good Full Combo” a song, which means 0 misses.
  • Green Lamp – Earned when you “Great Full Combo” a song, which means 0 goods or misses.
  • Gold Lamp – Earned when you “Perfect Full Combo” a song, which means 0 greats, goods, or misses.
  • White Lamp – Earned when you “Marvelous Full Combo” a song, which means 0 perfects, greats, goods, or misses.
Do songs only playable on Extra Stage count towards these requirements? What about regional exclusives?
No, songs only playable on Extra Stage are not necessary for requirements. However, if you have earned a score on one of these songs, you can use it towards a requirement.
If I don’t have a song unlocked, is it required for the folder lamp?
Technically, no. You can avoid unlocking a song to exclude it from the lamp, but this will ultimately come back to haunt you. Not only will this reduce the amount of songs you have to score a specific score on, but it will cost you valuable practice. At higher ranks, having every song unlocked is mandatory.
Do scores I earned before this system was released count towards rank requirements?

Yes, any scores you have earned will count, so long as you have picture proof of earning them.