LIFE4 V4.0

May 28, 2021

DDR Family, we are BACK! Introducing the 4.0 Patch, which is a culmination of our efforts since late 2019. We are proud of how the DDR community as a whole handled the pandemic, and we feel like now is an appropriate time to restart our system. Thank you for your patience during our necessary hiatus, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate the enthusiasm we’ve seen on Twitter and in our Discord server. This patch is our largest patch ever, bringing in a flood of new content, tweaks and improvements, and polish. Without further ado, the patch notes!


  • All users in the Core Ranking System have now been assigned a randomly generated ‘user number’.
    These user numbers make it much easier for us to tie all of your accomplishments together without name changes throwing a wrench in the system. New users will be assigned a number when they are added to the system. You can find your user number in the ‘Player Rankings’ page on our website. Please memorize your unique number and use it with rank-up and Trial submissions to help us stay as organized as possible.
  • The LIFE4 Android App has been updated in alignment with all new changes.
    The app is finishing the last few bits of fine-tuning and then undergoing the review process on the Google Play Store before it goes live. We will make an announcement with all new changes once the review process is complete within a few days.
  • LIFE4BOT is alive back and updated!
    LIFE4BOT has newly redone Rank-Up and Trial images and is ready to start showing off your accomplishments on Twitter and in our Discord server!
  • New moderators in the Discord server, Nightman and Layna Grey.
    Our Discord server would like to welcome the first two LIFE4 moderators! Nightman and Layna Grey have both been tremendously helpful and active and are pushing the LIFE4 community to new heights.
  • Expect some changes to the rank-specific chat channels in our Discord server.
    Once everyone settles with their new ranks we will be revisiting the structure of the rank-specific chat channels.
  • Removal of the LIFE4 DDR A ‘exception’ rank requirements.
    We realize this may be disappointing for some, but the LIFE4 system has evolved enough from that iteration that it is no longer feasible to maintain two largely different ranking systems.
  • Rank Royale is still happening!
    We will be releasing more information about Rank Royale in the coming months once all players have gotten a chance to derust and settle into their new ranks. Don’t worry, it will still be as inclusive and fun as originally planned!
  • ‘Required Songs List’ has been updated.
    The list of required songs (for ranks Amethyst and above) has been updated on the ‘Rank Requirements’ page on our website. Again, the only songs that are required are ones that are available for all players to unlock with time restrictions or other forms of gating.

Core Ranking System

  • Expanded every rank from three to five tiers (ie. Gold I, II, III, IV, and V).
    The main drive behind this change was to try and make the steps between ranks feel more evenly spaced, and to spread out some of the major hurdles that caused some users to be stuck at one rank for a longer time than desired. This was most heavily remedied in the Silver and Gold ranks.
  • Massive rebalancing of rank requirements.
    Every tier in every rank has gone through rigorous rebalancing to create an even more fine-tuned ranking system. We’ve removed some of the less relevent and helpful requirements and added in some new ones that players should have gotten credit for already.
  • Platinum rank redesign.
    The Platinum rank has been repurposed from a stepping stone for Diamond into a conventional rank.
  • Added Onyx rank above Emerald.
    Onyx provides a further challenge for our top ranking members and a heightened goal for the competitive player inside all of us.
  • Renamed ‘Wood‘ rank to ‘Copper’.

    This name change is more consistent with our thematic ranking names.
  • Redesigned ‘Placement’ system.
    Users may now be placed into any rank, instead of Gold and below. Ranks Gold and below will use the same ‘Placement Set’ from before, and ranks Platinum and above will use a new ‘Comprehensive Placement’ system. Previously placed users can re-apply for ‘Placement’ into higher ranks, so long as they are applying for a rank at least two ranks higher than their current rank. For more information, see the ‘Placement’ page on our website.
  • MFC Point system tweaks.
    The lower end of the MFC Point system has seen some changes. Now, all difficulties are valid for MFC points except bsp (Beginner). Songs rated a 1-3 will grant 0.25 points, 4-6 grants 0.5 points, and 7-10 grants 1 point. The main idea around this change was to get more players to build confidence through comfort when first entering the world of MFCs. If this change results in an ‘abuse’ of lower level songs for these points, we will rethink this decision.

LIFE4 Trials

  • Four new Trials have been added.
    • Gospel (13) – Sam-Thak
    • Superstar (14) – Talkion
    • Mythos (15) – Kingly
    • Rendition (15) – CRMARTIN
  • Addition of Platinum and Onyx Trial ranks.
    Since Platinum has been repurposed into a conventional rank, adding in Platinum Trial ranks was necessary. This will fill the large gap between previous Gold and Diamond Trial requirements. Onyx ranks are an added challenge above Emerald.
  • Significant Trial requirement rebalancing.
    Aside from adding all new Platinum requirements, we have also tweaked many of the other ranks for Trials.
  • Upcoming changes to ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ Trials.
    From here on out there will be a maximum of 30 ‘Active’ Trials. When new Trials are introduced (post the 4.0 Patch) they will replace an existing Trial. These replaced Trials will be ‘Inactive’, having their leaderboards locked. Inactive Trials may return in the future.

LIFE4 Player Profiles

  • Every player in the core LIFE4 Ranking System now has an automatically generated Player Profile!

    These profiles showcase your username, rival code, social media, personalized blurb, user number, Core Rank, and Trial ranks! More features will be coming in the future.

    Players with Trial scores but no Core Rank will not currently have a LIFE4 Player Profile.

    You can access your Player Profile from the ‘Player Rankings’ page on the LIFE4 Website.

LIFE4 Website

  • The LIFE4 Website has been tweaked in alignment with all new changes.
  • Three new submission forms.
    We now use three individual submission forms based on what you are submitting. The forms are “New User Form”, “Rank-Up Form”, and “Trial Form”. Each form has been streamlined a bit to make submissions easier for both users and ourselves.
  • Updated FAQ.

Link to list of all Core Rank and Trial Rank changes.

To all LIFE4 Staff:

I am always immensely proud to be able to work with each of you. Our team has come so far since we started LIFE4. Can you believe this system just didn’t exist a few years ago? I realize how much work goes into running LIFE4, and how much each of you sacrifices with your individual contributions. It never fails to amaze me what we accomplish together. Let’s continue to push the DDR community and continue growing the special group of players and friends we’ve brought together.

om_neb – Your incredible talent and direction has steered LIFE4 into a beautiful project. I am always so grateful to be able to work with you and see your passion and raw talent firsthand. Do you remember when we were first dreaming up LIFE4 together in DMs?

Lumen – Thank you for always finding time to help with the website despite being so busy. Without you reaching out and developing the website we would not be close to where we are today.

bluechows – Your ability to think things through has been so crucial to LIFE4 from the start. Cannot even tell you how many times you’ve caught me in a dumb suggestion or helped come up with an amazing idea.

dimo – The man who is a part of every DDR organization known to man but still finds time to help here. Always appreciate your jack-of-all-trades skillset and level of competitiveness you bring to the team.

stevesefchick – LIFE4BOT has been SO important in showcasing accomplishments for users. Think about how many likes and retweets have been given to the bot’s posts, and about how much that has improved the system. Your constant positivity is such a benefit to the team. Thank you for reaching out years back and becoming a great friend.

CodingCabbit – Dude, the app is getting INSANE! Every time you post a new feature it blows my mind that you set this all up. You have made LIFE4 more accessible and organized for hundreds of players. Very jealous of your brains.

oryan – My MAN! The world is not ready for the awesomeness you are about to pump out with DangerShark. Cannot wait to see you at Disney.

Tiza! – Not sure if there is anyone more excited for Rank Royale than me. Your talent at creating and organizing team events was immediately evident when I saw how polished RR is. Absolutely cannot wait to see your visions come to life.

Special shoutout to our newest staff members:

JeffreyATW – Stepped up majorly to help us with web development. Absolutely would not be ready to launch this patch right now without him. Thank you for working so hard to figure out how we have everything set up, and help fix so, so many things.

zorachus – Created the LIFE4 Player Profiles and has plans to help with other exciting features. Had so many fun times with you brother, whether it was provoking Gary or breaking the ITG machine at Gattitown. Thank you for joining the team and all of the time you’ve already sunk into making awesome additions.

Layna Grey – Your sense of humor and participation in the Discord server drives so many conversations. You have reached out so many times to offer to help with various parts of the LIFE4 system, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your enthusiasm and desire to help.

Nightman – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen you answer questions and help people in the server. You contribute to so many discussions every single day and are without a doubt an integral part of why the server has become such a success.


LIFE4 v3.0

November 10, 2019

LIFE4 Patch 3.0 is here!  Being our largest patch yet, 3.0 is packed full of new content, balance tweaks, and the exciting upgrade to DDR A20! We want to be transparent with our thought process when adding and changing things with LIFE4 so we’ll be putting notes in italics to add color to changes.

DDR A20 Update

Patch 3.0 means DDR A20 songs are now required for LIFE4. This is a bit tricky to deal with right now, as many DDR A20 songs are locked behind limited time windows and aren’t available to all players. Only the songs that are available to ALL players with DDR A20 are required. This excludes unlocks like the Ichika event songs and even the 20th anniversary charts, since it has not been made clear what happens to those songs when the event window ends.

These locked songs CAN be used when beneficial, but are NOT required. For example, if your only 15 PFC is Black Jackal, you CAN use that for requirements, but if you haven’t cleared Possession 20th Anniversary Challenge, it isn’t required for a 18 Clear Lamp requirement.

As we don’t know when songs will be released or how Konami will handle future unlocks, LIFE4 requirements will have to be periodically updated to handle new releases or changes to song availability.

A link to the required songs for LIFE4 can be found here and will be updated as often as Konami updates their DDR content.

Ranking System Rebalancing

Many ranks have had sections changed and rebalanced. Almost every one of these changes falls under two categories– rebalancing around the new Platinum rank and accounting for the newly available songs in A20.

A full list of balance changes will be available at the end of this document with our commentary.

Platinum Rank

“Platinum” is a new rank added between Gold and Diamond. We have officially separated the ranks into two sections, “Base Ranks” and “Comprehensive Ranks”. Platinum was created to help bridge the gap between Gold and Diamond, and serves as stepping stones to make the jump less overwhelming.

Seeing as how Platinum is more focused on preparing you for the comprehensive aspect of Diamond and above, there will not be Trial requirements for the Platinum rank.

Platinum colored LIFE4 jerseys will be available in the LIFE4 store within the next few days!

New Trials (4)

We look forward to expanding our Trial system with a new selection. Four new Trials have been added to the mix. Please see below for Trial details.

A special thanks to our Patreon supporters who submit countless Trial suggestions! This patch we are adding a new LIFE4 Team Trial as well as three Patreon suggested Trials.

Also new: we have updated our LIFE4BOT Trial images to now show the songs and their difficulties in each Trial. This should make the content of each Trial easier to keep track of, and let you show off your impressive scores in a more meaningful way.


The HALLOWED event has concluded, and saw over 100 score submissions with nearly that many unique participants! Winners and prizes are listed below.

Division Winners

  • KAZE.573 (Amethyst+ Winner)
  • COLE A (Cobalt Winner)
  • DNARWHAL (Diamond Winner)
  • vyhd (Gold Winner)
  • Lilchris (Silver Winner)

Raffle Winners

  • Keri (Gold Division)
  • Talkion (Diamond Division)
  • DEREKH (Diamond Division)
  • Lorelei (Silver Division)
  • Pikaboi (Diamond Division)

All previously mentioned winners will receive a unique LIFE4 Discord name color and role, which will grant them one month access to the Early Access and Trial Suggestions channel. Further, these five winners have additionally won the following free LIFE4 merch!

  • KAZE.573 – LIFE4 Hat
  • DNARWHAL – LIFE4 Towel
  • Lilchris – LIFE4 Towel
  • DEREKH – LIFE4 Hat
  • Pikaboi – LIFE4 Personalized Jersey

Thank you to everyone who participated in HALLOWED! It was the first of many coming LIFE4 events, and we hope it was a fun little competition to bring in the spookiest time of the year!

Special Thanks

With our ranking system currently at 625 members and Discord server a few dozen under that, we are as excited as ever to continue expanding LIFE4! The support and enthusiasm from our members grows daily, and we cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

We have many new and exciting ideas to bring into LIFE4, and will keep working hard to push the community to bigger and better levels. Keep an eye out in the coming months for a big announcement!

From Ben: I want to take a moment to thank the LIFE4 Team for all their hard work on the system! Please thank them all for what they do, because LIFE4 would not be what it is today without every one of their individual contributions.

Omar, Dalton, Sarah, Steve, Omid, and Konnor – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Balance Changes


The addition of Platinum to the ranks most heavily influences the Gold ranks. The Gold ranks were nerfed significantly in multiple spots to help make more space for the Platinum ranks and to make the rankups more smooth and accessible, as they were a little larger than we were initially wanting.

Gold I (6 of 9 required)    to (6 of 10 required)
  • 965k+ a 14    to 970k+ a 14

With the addition of quite a few easier end 14s, we bumped this score requirement up a bit to both account for that and to make the transition into 14 AAAs a little more smooth.

  • Updated the “Clear the DSP Boss Songs” to include “MAX 360”
  • (new) 950k+ a 15

We wanted to introduce more specific difficulty score goals as options to help guide you into the later requirements. With the nerfing of the 15 requirements more heavily in Gold II through Diamond II, this should make the steps more visible.

Gold II (5 of 8 required)    to (6 of 9 required)
  • (new) Clear Lamp the 14 Folder

Introducing this as an optional requirement early should serve as an incentive to start working on the folder and identifying candidates for later AAAs and PFCs.

  • AAA 5 14s    to AAA 1 14

To put it simply, the jump here was just far too large. One of the main goals for Platinum was to spread out the 14 difficulty score requirements, and it starts here in Gold II.

  • 975k+ a 15    to 970k+ a 15

The Gold III 15 requirement was nerfed pretty hard and spread out through Platinum, so this mostly is a small change to account for that.

  • (new) 930k+ a 16

Like we mentioned earlier, we wanted to introduce specific score goals earlier to help guide your progression through those difficulties. The Gold III 16 requirement was a little too high pre-patch, and this starts setting you up for that.

  • Clear 10 17s    to Clear 5 17s

We received a lot of feedback about the 17 and 18 requirements being very difficult in the Gold II to Diamond I range, and this should help 17s still be a challenging option, but without being quite as daunting early on.

  • (removed) Clear 2 18s
Gold III (6 of 10 required)    to (8 of 12 required)
  • PFC 5 13s    to PFC 3 13s

Adding Platinum gave us more space to spread out the early PFC goals, so this number was bumped down a notch to help create better spread into Platinum.

  • (new) AAA 4 14s

Going from AAAing your first 14 to PFCing your first 14 is a huge jump, and most players accumulate many more AAAs before they earn their first PFC. This new option helps you prepare for PFCs and also be rewarded for your progression with newly earned AAAs.

  • AAA 5 15s    to AAA 1 15

Again, this is simply addressing too large of a jump. The difficulty requirements of 14s and 15s especially jumped so much between each Gold rank, and adding Platinum helps smooth that out. Several of the new A20 songs also provide appealing targets for this requirement, making it even more accessible for players.

  • 975k+ a 16    to 960k+ a 16

This requirement was just simply too high. Almost never used for Gold III rankups, it was evident that it needed to be toned down to be more level with the other options. Further 16 level score progression continues through Platinum.

  • (new) Clear 3 16s w/ “Life 4” enabled

This is a consistency addition that helps people with better comboing ability, and continues the option from Gold I with the 14 Life 4s and Gold II 15 Life 4s.

  • Clear 20 17s    to Clear 10 17s
  • Clear 5 18s    to Clear an 18

Bumping down the difficulty of the higher difficulty requirements early on to make them less threatening to players who struggle with these types of charts. The missing clears are now spread out throughout Platinum.


The full requirements for Platinum ranks can be found on our requirements page. The primary focus of Platinum was to take high end Gold players and give them stepping stones towards their Diamond rank. The large jump to Diamond was always intentional, but still was larger than we wanted. Many Gold III players have and are spending 6+ months on the transition without any rankup recognition, and this was poor design.

The Platinum ranks focus on preparing your for the comprehensive ranks, adding new Clear Lamps to the requirements for each level up to Diamond I. Adding in the “score floors” the rank after Clear Lamps gets you thinking about the scores you are earning on songs instead of simply going for the Clear for the lamp.

Platinum also redistributes many of the large jumps in score requirements from the Gold II to Diamond I area. Many number tweaks were made to make the progression more realistic and well-rounded.


Except for one change, all of the Diamond I, II, and III changes are rebalances through exceptions. We looked at both the number and difficulty of the newly available songs and added some exceptions in places to account for both the new songs and some various nerfs.

Diamond I
  • 15s – 5E to 10E
  • 16s – 5E to 8E
  • 17s – 3E to 5E
Diamond II
  • 15s – 3E to 6E
  • 16s – 3E to 5E
  • 17s – 2E to 3E
Diamond III
  • 15s – 2E to 3E
  • 16s – 910k+ and 2E to 915k+ and 3E
  • 17s – 1E to 2E


The changes to Cobalt are that the 15, 16, and 17 level exceptions now barely spread into Cobalt I, letting you earn up to Cobalt I without a single song stopping your rankup out of Diamond. Cobalt II and III also see the first section of PFC rebalancing, as the new A20 songs increased the song pool. These PFC number changes are less significant than you may first think, since players with so many 14 PFCs should be able to get the easier A20 additions to supplement their PFC counts without much trouble.

Cobalt I
  • 15s – 0E to 1E
  • 15s – 12 PFCs to 10 PFCs
  • 16s – 0E to 1E
  • 17s – 0E to 1E
  • 18s – 3E to 4E
Cobalt II
  • 14s – 50 PFCs to 55 PFCs
Cobalt III
  • 14s – 80 PFCs to 90 PFCs


Amethyst changes are primarily the second section of PFC count rebalances, as well as a slight nerf to Amethyst MFC points. MFC points were nerfed more significantly in Emerald, and we will explain our reasoning under the Emerald section.

Amethyst II
  • 15s – 70 PFCs to 75 PFCs
  • MFC Points – 7 to 5
Amethyst III
  • 15s – 75 PFCs to 80 PFCs
  • 17s – 7 PFCs to 6 PFCs
  • MFC Points – 15 to 10


Emerald changes serve the same purpose as the Amethyst changes, containing the last section of PFC count rebalances and a further nerfing of MFC Points. We heavily believe that MFC ability and “nerve-control” is a valuable skill for top level players, and still want the MFC Point requirement to be a challenge, but it was a little too high and slightly too frustrating for some top level players.

Emerald I
  • 16s – 45 PFCs to 48 PFCs
  • MFC Points – 22 to 15
Emerald II
  • 16s – 55 PFCs to 60 PFCs
  • MFC Points – 30 to 20
Emerald III
  • 16s – 60 PFCs to 68 PFCs
  • MFC Points – 40 to 25

New Trials

The most popular LIFE4 Trials have shown to be the lower difficulty ones (Heartbreak is #1, Celestial is #2), so we decided to add more Trials in the lower end to give players who enjoy these difficulties more options.

Devotion is the most straightforward new Trial, and the only new Trial designed by the LIFE4 Team.

Believe is a more tricky 12 Trial designed by plasmaaa, and provides a nice option for players who like executing more difficult rhythms.

Passport is a whopper of a 13 created by Sam-Thak, which is sure to remind players just how difficult 13s can be. We love the throwback to some of the hardest songs in earlier mixes of DDR!

Spectacle was designed by CRMARTIN, and is a brutal 16 Trial centered around one of the hardest 16s in the game.

Devotion (12) – LIFE4 Team – 3702 EX

  • My Summer Love ESP 12 (780 EX)
  • Secret Rendezvous ESP 12 (747 EX)
  • Seduction ESP 12 (1194 EX)
  • She is My Wife ESP 12 (981 EX)

Believe (12) – plasmaaa – 4569 EX

  • Sky is the Limit ESP 12 (987 EX)
  • Hopeful ESP 13 (1104 EX)
  • A Brighter Day CSP 12 (1149 EX)
  • Life is Beautiful DSP 12 (1329 EX)

Passport (13) – Sam-Thak – 4974 EX

  • Bag ESP 13 (1146 EX)
  • Arrabbiata DSP 13 (1131 EX)
  • Exotic Ethnic ESP 13 (1356 EX)
  • Sakura ESP 13 (1341 EX)

Spectacle (16) – CRMARTIN – 6750 EX

  • Unreal ESP 15 (1194 EX)
  • S!ck ESP 16 (2118 EX)
  • Blew My Mind ESP 16 (1803 EX)
  • Unbelievable ESP 15 (1635 EX)


LIFE4 v2.5

June 24, 2019

New Rank – Emerald

Three new ranks above Amethyst have been added, Emerald I, II, and III!  Meant to push top ranked players, it provides a lofty goal for any DDR players in the near or distant future! 

MFC Point System

The MFC requirements have been reworked for Amethyst I and above. LIFE4 now uses an “MFC Point” system. You will earn points for MFC’s you accomplished based on the song difficulty. You will need to accumulate the total number of MFC points shown to complete that requirement. Only DSP, ESP, and CSP charts will count towards these requirements.

  • 8-10 Difficulty: 1 Point
  • 11-12 Difficulty: 2 Points
  • 13 Difficulty: 4 Points
  • 14 Difficulty: 8 Points
  • 15 Difficulty: 15 Points
  • 16+ Difficulty: 25 Points

These new point values align with the old requirements for Amethyst MFCs.

For example, Amethyst II was:

  • Five Total MFCs
  • Two 12+ MFCs

In the new system, you will need 7 MFC points for Amethyst II (4 points from the two 12+ MFCs and then 3 points from the other 3 needed MFCs)

This system was aimed to make the MFC requirement a little more individualized, instead of unintentionally pushing everyone to go for the same songs.

New Trials

Primal (13) – 5301 EX – Created by Kingly

  • Wild Side CSP 13 – 1377 EX
  • Tribe CSP 13 – 1461 EX
  • Orion.78 (Civilization Mix) ESP 13 – 1194 EX
  • Afronova ESP 13 – 1269 EX

Wanderlust (15) – 6957 EX – Created by Magnet

  • Go For the Top ESP 15 – 1563 EX
  • Nostalgia is Lost ESP 15 – 1890 EX
  • Triple Journey ESP 16 – 1866 EX
  • Destination ESP 15 – 1638 EX

Trial Rebalancing

Emerald ranks have been added to all past Trials.

Heartbreak (12)

-PFC all songs to “1 or less total Greats, Goods, or Misses”

We wanted to reduce some of the frustration with a spare great or pad miss ruining a full Trial.

Mainframe (13)

-PFC all songs to “2 or less total Greats, Goods, or Misses”

We wanted to reduce some of the frustration with a spare great or pad miss ruining a full Trial.

Hellscape (15)
Rerated from a (14) to a (15)
-970k+ all 14s to 970k+ two or more songs

-AAA all 14s to AAA three or more songs

Pharaoh (15)

-180 missing EX    to    160 missing EX

-100 missing EX    to    90 missing EX

The Cobalt and Amethyst requirement for Pharaoh was just a little too lenient. This will put it in line with the degree of difficulty for other Trials.

Inhuman (16)

-150 missing EX to 160 missing EX

LIFE4 v2.4

April 28, 2019

Added five new Trials

Mainframe (13)

  • Dirty digital (CSP 13)

Countdown (14) – Patreon Donor Submitted Trial – Nebel @NebelNebs

  • Triple Counter (DSP 14)
  • Second Heaven (CSP 14)
  • Pluto The First (DSP 14)

Heatwave (15)

  • 灼熱 Beach Side Bunny (ESP 15)

Snowdrift (16)

  • snow prism (CSP 16)
  • Spanish Snowy Dance (ESP 15)
  • Chinese Snowy Dance (ESP 16)

Ascension (17)

  • SABER WING (Akira Ishihara Headshot mix) (CSP 17)
  • Air Heroes (CSP 17)
  • Reach The Sky, Without you (ESP 17)

Added specific EX scores to the Trial requirements lists

This simply adds the overall EX score you need next to the missing EX numbers to make it easier to see whether or not your score qualifies.

Balance Changes

Heartbreak (12)


  • PFC two or more songs to -995k+ two or more songs
  • Removes some of the frustration of a single misstep ruining a score for what is meant to be the most accessible entry-level Trial.

Celestial (13)


  • -AAA one or more songs to -AAA two or more songs


  • PFC all songs    to    -2 or less total Greats, Goods, or Misses

Celestial Gold was nerfed a little too much in the last balance patch, and this should bring it a little more in-line.

Adding the cushion for Greats, Goods, and Misses removes some of the frustration from single missteps or pad errors, while still maintaining the overall EX difficulty.

Daybreak (14)

  • (Diamond) -140 missing EX or less    to    -150 missing EX or less
  • (Cobalt) -85 missing EX or less    to    -100 missing EX or less
  • (Amethyst) -50 missing EX or less    to    -60 missing EX or less
  • (Amethyst) -PFC all songs    to    -2 or less total Greats, Goods, or Misses

The Daybreak EX requirements were just a little too strict, and were toned down to be more accessible across the upper levels.

Adding the cushion for Greats, Goods, and Misses removes some of the frustration from single missteps or pad errors, while still maintaining the overall EX difficulty.

Hellscape (14)

  • (Gold) -960k+ PARANOiA Hades    to    -950k+ PARANOiA Hades

The Hades requirement was knocking a few too many people out of their Gold ranks, so it was adjusted.

Clockwork (15)


  • 960k+ all songs    to    -950k+ all songs
  • 960k was a little too much to ask all-around for the Gold level, so it was toned down.

Pharaoh (15)


  • 950k+ all songs to -940k+ all songs
  • 980k+ one or more songs to -975k+ one or more songs

Like Clockwork, the Gold requirements were just a little too high.

Paradox (16)

  • (Gold) -950k+ all songs to -925k+ all songs
  • (Gold) -975k+ one or more songs to -940k+ two or more songs

The Gold requirements on Paradox were simply too hard and needed a re-balance.  This should make it more comfortable for Gold players to take on.

Inhuman (16)

  • (Gold) -950k+ two or more songs to -940k+ two or more songs

This Gold requirement feels pretty close to the correct spot, and just needed a little adjustment to be more in-line with other Trials.

LIFE4 v2.1

April 11, 2019

Balance Changes

*** (E) stands for “Exceptions”, which are numbers of songs you are allotted to be an exception to score requirements.  For example, 940k+ (3E) means that you are allotted three “exceptions” to the 940k+ requirement.

Silver III

  • Changed 6/9 requirements to 6/10 requirements
  • Added an optional requirement, “Earn Silver on any Trial”

Gold I

  • Added mandatory requirement, “PFC a 9 or 3 7+s”

Gold II

  • Added mandatory requirement, “PFC an 11 or 5 9+s”

Gold III

  • Changed 6/9 requirements to 6/10 requirements
  • Added an optional requirement, “Earn Gold on any Trial”
  • Added mandatory requirement, “PFC a 13 or 5 12s”

Diamond I

  • 14s – Changed from 5 PFCs    to    3 PFCs
  • 15s – Changed from 1 PFC / 950k+    to    0 PFCs / 940k+ (5E)
  • 16s – Changed from 900k+    to    890k+ (5E)
  • 17s – Changed from 825k+    to    800k+ (3E)
  • 18s – Changed from 10 Cleared    to    5 Cleared
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Gold on 1 or more Trials”

Diamond II

  • 14s – Changed from 10 PFCs    to    6 PFCs
  • 15s – Changed from 5 PFCs / 960k+    to    1 PFC / 950k+ (3E)
  • 16s – Changed from 1 PFC / 920k+    to    0 PFC / 900k+ (3E)
  • 17s – Changed from 850k+    to    825k+ (2E)
  • 18s – Changed from Clear Lamp   to    15 Cleared
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Gold on 2 or more Trials”

Diamond III

  • 14s – Changed from 20 PFCs    to    12 PFCs
  • 15s – Changed from 10 PFCs / 965k+    to    4 PFCs / 960k+ (2E)
  • 16s – Changed from 3 PFCs / 930k+    to    0 PFC / 910k+ (2E)
  • 17s – Changed from 875k+    to    850k+ (1E)
  • 18s – Changed from 800k+    to    Clear
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Gold on 4 or more Trials”
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Diamond on 1 or more Trials”

Cobalt I

  • 14s – Changed from 40 PFCs    to    30 PFCs
  • 15s – Changed from 20 PFCs    to    12 PFCs
  • 16s – Changed from 7 PFCs / 940k+    to    1 PFC / 930k+
  • 17s – Changed from 900k+    to    875k+
  • 18s – Changed from 825k+    to    800k+ (3E)
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Diamond on 2 or more Trials”

Cobalt II

  • 14s – Changed from 60 PFCs    to    50 PFCs
  • 15s – Changed from 35 PFCs    to    20 PFCs
  • 16s – Changed from 12 PFCs / 955k+    to    5 PFCs / 945k+
  • 17s – Changed from 925k+    to    900k+
  • 18s – Changed from 850k+    to    825k+ (2E)
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Diamond on 3 or more Trials”

Cobalt III

  • 15s – Changed from 50 PFCs    to    35 PFCs
  • 16s – Changed from 20 PFCs / 970k+    to    12 PFCs / 960k+
  • 17s – Changed from 1 PFC / 940k+    to    0 PFC / 925k+
  • 18s – Changed from 875k+    to    850k+ (1E)
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Diamond on 4 or more Trials”
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Cobalt on 1 or more Trials”

Amethyst I

  • 17s – Changed from 3 PFCs / 955k+    to    1 PFC / 950k+
  • 18s – Changed from 900k+    to    880k+
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Cobalt on 2 or more Trials”

Amethyst II

  • 17s – Changed from 5 PFCs    to    3 PFCs
  • 18s – Changed from 915k+    to    910k+
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Cobalt on 4 or more Trials”

Amethyst III

  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Cobalt on 6 or more Trials”
  • Added mandatory requirement, “Earn Amethyst on 1 or more Trials”

Trial Changes



  • 980k+ to 975k+
  • AAA two songs to AAA one song


  • 5 or less to 7 or less
  • 100 missing EX to 135 missing EX


  • 2 or less to 3 or less
  • 70 missing EX to 80 missing EX


  • 40 missing EX to 50 missing EX



  • 985k+ to 970k+
  • AAA two songs to AAA one song
  • 3 or less total misses to 7 or less


  • 110 missing EX to 140 missing EX


  • 70 missing EX to 85 missing EX


  • 45 missing EX to 50 missing EX



  • 970k+ Hades to 960k+ Hades
  • 985k+ all 14s to 970k+ all 14s
  • AAA one or more songs to 985k+ one song


  • 175 missing EX to 220 missing EX


  • 120 missing EX to 160 missing EX


  • 70 missing EX to 90 missing EX

LIFE4 v2.0

March 13, 2019

  • Trials! Themed sets of 4 songs with achievable Trial Ranks.
  • LIFE4 shirts and personalized jerseys! Show off your rank and tag!
  • New website! Updated layout and information on Trials.

LIFE4 v1.1

February 3, 2019

  • FAQ section on website.
  • Donate page on website, which includes Patreon donor name list.
  • Two new ranks, Wood and Amethyst!
  • Introduction of our Merch store, with more items coming soon!